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Roskomnadzor unlocked 7 million IP-addresses

Some of them belong to Amazon and Outline.

On June 8, Roskomnadzor unblocked 7.1 million IP-addresses blocked for the purpose of restricting access to Telegram. This was reported by the “Esher II” service, which tracks the unloading of the department’s addresses.

Judging by the schedule, the number of blocked IP-addresses dropped from 10.9 million to 3.7 million at 18:45 Moscow time. According to Telegram-channel RknShowtime, some of the addresses belong to Amazon and Outline. Another 3.8 million addresses remained under lock.

In May 2018, Roskomnadzor has already unblocked 3.7 million IP-addresses owned by Google. Prior to this, the agency unblocked three Amazon subnets, it’s almost 3.3 million IP-addresses.

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