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Mysterious stories of the disappearance of famous people

In our material – 9 mysterious, bloody, confusing, sad and eerie stories about the disappearance of famous people. Where did the British Count Lucan fled after killing his nanny? Who shot down the plane of writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery? Whose victim in the desert was musician Jim Sullivan? For several decades this remains a mystery.


Richie Edwards

British rock musician, disappeared in 1995, declared dead in 2008

Edwards was a guitarist and songwriter for the Manic Street Preachers. Talented lyricist and musician suffered from depression, drug addiction and was known for expressive actions. For example, once during an interview, he cut out on his hand the inscription 4Real (“Really”) to prove to the journalist his serious approach to creativity.

It was just one of many episodes of destroying oneself. In despair, Edwards refused food, cut himself and extinguished the skin of the cigarette. Two years before his disappearance, he was treated in a psychiatric clinic.

On February 1, 1995, the musician’s colleagues announced his disappearance: Richie Edwards had to fly to a concert in the US, but did not get in touch. Edwards’s apartment was packed with his passport and bank cards, and a week later a taxi driver from the city of Newport (South Wales) said that he had taken the musician to the area where his childhood home was located.

A week later the police found Edwards’ car near the Severn bridge near the city of Bristol and suggested that the 27-year-old Richie had committed suicide. But the body was not found, and later Edwards was allegedly seen in the commune of the hippies in Goa, then in the Canaries.

Harold Holt

Australian politician, missing in 1967

Holt was the 17th prime minister of Australia, who went down in history not so much for his political decisions as for the mysterious disappearance. On December 17, 1967, the Prime Minister rested in the company of four friends on Cheviot Beach in Victoria. Despite the high waves and strong wind, Holt decided to swim.

The 59-year-old politician was a hardy swimmer, was fond of diving and snorkeling, was in good physical shape, so friends did not discourage the man. With him came into the water and one of the friends, but did not dare to plunge, and Holt floated to the depth. Friends called him, but he did not react, and after a few seconds a huge wave covered Holt – and he disappeared forever.

The next day, the prime minister was looking for 50 divers and 340 military, rescuers on jet skis and helicopters, but without success. Five days after the disappearance of Harold Holt, a funeral was held, but not all in the country considered the politician dead. Supporters of conspiracy theories suggested that Holt staged death and disappeared on a submarine.

Connie Converse

American singer, disappeared in 1974

Success to Connie Converse, the singer and guitarist of the 50’s, came only in 2009, when animator Gene Deich released several unreleased songs of his girlfriend. The album, called How Sad, How Lovely (by the way, the first in the discography of Converse) has become incredibly popular. Only here the actress herself did not find her late success – she disappeared 35 years before.

But Connie’s contemporaries did not even suspect how talented she was. The career of Converse can not be called successful. “Failure” is a more precise word. The singer tried to earn 10 years on her music, but in 1961 she left all attempts. In 1974 Connie turned 50 years old, she was still unknown, depressed and sick – according to the testimony she needed to remove the uterus. Colleagues and friends paid for Connie’s six-month tour of the UK, where she tried to find the muse, but this did not work.

In August 1974 Connie Converse sent letters and letters to friends and family with lyrics of her songs. She also wrote that she intended to start life anew somewhere else, and then she loaded the things into her Volkswagen Beetle and left in an unknown direction.

The Connie Converse family tried to start a search with the help of a private detective, but soon recognized her right to disappear at will. Officially, the singer is not recognized as dead or missing.

Jim Sullivan

American musician, disappeared in 1975

Jim Sullivan, a rather famous performer of ethno-rock of the 60s and 70s, disappeared on March 6, 1975, he was 35 years old. He was heading from Los Angeles to Nashville, but the artist did not reach the city. His car was found in the desert in New Mexico, in a motel room, a wallet, clothes and Sullivan’s guitar lay nearby.

It is known that the musician did not spend the night in a hotel. Sullivan settled, left things in the motel and the key to the room, went to the desert and … Some fans of the artist believe that he was abducted by a UFO – after all, this is the name of the first album of Sullivan (UFO, 1969).

Bison Dil

American basketball player, missing in 2002

After completing his career at the age of 30, the athlete traveled a lot. So, in the summer of 2002 he, along with his girlfriend and brother, went on a voyage across the Pacific Ocean. Also on board the yacht “Akuna Matata” was the skipper. In September, the yacht was found off the coast of Tahiti with a body shot in several places. There were no people on board.

A couple of days later, Miles DeBord – brother of a basketball player who was on board – was trying to withdraw money from his passport. The man was detained and charged with the murder of three people: 33-year-old Bison Dyl, his girlfriend Selena Karlan and skipper Bertrand Saldo.

According to the investigation, Debord shot his brother out of his old envy and threw the bodies of his victims into the ocean – they were never found. A few days after the arrest, Miles Dabord poisoned himself. The investigation did not have any versions of what happened, and the case was closed.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

French writer, was missing in the war in 1944

The author of The Little Prince was a professional pilot. Before starting to write, Exupery worked as a pilot of an airmail company. When his first novels – dedicated to aviation – began to be published and receive awards, the writer did not leave the main work. He changed several airlines, tested aircraft and transported passengers – and continued to publish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery joined the army the day after the outbreak of World War II – in September 1939. At the front, the writer served in aerial photography, in 1943 was enlisted in the combat unit. During this period the fairy tale “The Little Prince” was written.

In July 1944, de Saint-Exupery did not return from the flight and was declared missing. In 1998 in the sea near Marseille fishermen caught the bracelet of Exupery (with his name and his wife’s name), and in 2003 French specialists found there at the bottom of the wreckage of the plane that was piloted by Exupery. There were no signs of shelling on the hull, as were the remains of the pilot.

Details of the crash of the aircraft have not yet been clarified. There are versions of a technical malfunction, desertion and even a pilot’s suicide.

Jim Thompson

American businessman, disappeared in 1967

Topmson – a famous American businessman of the 50’s – was engaged in the production and sale of Thai silk. From his father he inherited several textile factories. In search of his life, Thompson crossed the family business with his own fascination with ballet and Asia – he was in Thailand as an officer during the Second World War. Thompson was fascinated by Bangkok and, having retired, remained there to live.

The businessman decided to export Thai silk to the West, replacing the traditional floral ornament with patterns in the spirit of the artist Lev Bakst, who created scenery for Diaghilev’s ballet. In 1947, Jim Thompson brought samples of his fabrics to Edna Chase, the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine. So the fashion industry of the USA learned about the novelty. For a couple of years, Thompson became a “silk king”, wearing his bright fabrics of aristocrats, celebrities and bohemians.

Thompson lived in Bangkok in a luxurious residence with a villa and a park, which he designed himself, but, according to his surroundings, remained very lonely.

In March 1967, friends of 61-year-old Thompson persuaded him to go with them to rest in Malaysia. Thompson was looking for his vacation all alone and often wandered alone in the jungle around the villa. And on the eve of departure the “silk king” disappeared … Nobody saw Thompson leave the villa. Someone heard footsteps under the windows on the gravel path – nothing more.

During the day more than a hundred local residents and police combed the jungle and the surrounding area – no trace. No signs of attack by a wild animal, no scraps of clothing or broken branches … Nobody also asked for a ransom for a millionaire, so the version with the kidnapping was rejected. The case became even more confusing when, in August of that year, a 74-year-old sister of Jim Thompson was killed in his home in the United States.

Two years later, in Thompson’s house in Bangkok, his will was accidentally discovered – the estate was inherited by nephew Henry Thompson. He resumed the investigation, but for 7 years nothing has cleared up. In 1974, Jim Thompson was found dead, and his house turned into a museum.

Dorothy Arnold

Secular lioness, disappeared in 1910

December 12, 1910, 25-year-old Dorothy Arnold, a famous New York beauty and heiress, said goodbye to her mother and left the house. She met with several friends, went into a confectionery and bookshop, saw another acquaintance, who reported that she was going to walk to the house through the Central Park.

Home Dorothy did not return either in the evening or in the morning, but the family did not report the loss, in order to avoid scandal. The girl’s parents hired private detectives who searched the hospitals, prisons and morgues of the city, but to no avail. The statement about the disappearance of Dorothy Arnold came to the police only after a month and a half!

Dorothy’s friends built versions around her relationship with 40-year-old engineer George Griscoe. It was said that she could die from an underground abortion or commit suicide because of a man’s refusal to marry. Family Arnold tracked down Griskoma and started threatening him, but he did not know anything about the fate of the girl. In his opinion, Dorothy could kill herself, but not because of their relationship. The man showed the letters of his mistress, in which she complained of depression and anguish.

The police also justified Griskoma, but there were no new clues at the investigation. Some were convinced that the disappearance of the girl was staged, but in fact her parents sent her to Switzerland – to interrupt the extramarital pregnancy or secretly give birth and give the child.

The search for Dorothy Arnold lasted 10 years, after which her parents stated that they consider her daughter dead.

Richard John Bingham

The British Earl, disappeared in 1974, declared dead in 1999

Count Lucan, heir to the noble family of Britain, was an incorrigible gambler. His obsession and growing card debts caused divorce with Veronica Duncan after 10 years of marriage. The woman seized the custody of the three children, but one day the count managed to steal the two elders. The court returned them to their mother.

Then the count began to follow the ex-wife, listened and distributed records of her phone conversations, spread rumors about the excessive expenditure of his wife and her unstable mental state. The aristocratic society sided with the Count, and Veronica was isolated.

In addition, Lucan survived the nurse from her house. One he bribed and forced to spy, the other – threatened. In late 1974, a new assistant came to the house – Sandra Rivette, who was the victim of Count Lucan. By that time the count’s position was sad. He is mired in debt, was ruined, and drunk. In drunken conversations with friends, the count more than once confessed that he dreams of killing his ex-wife, who is to blame for his troubles.

In the evening of November 7, 1974, Veronica Duncan and Sandra Rivette put the children to bed and decided to drink tea. Nyanya went to the kitchen, and Veronica had to wait in the living room. After half an hour the woman became agitated and went after her assistant. After a couple of minutes she froze in horror: the walls of the kitchen were splashed with blood, and over the body of Sandra on the floor, a man leaned, continuing to finish off the girl.

At the same instant, the assassin attacked her. Veronica did not have time to make out her face, but she recognized her ex-husband by voice. When the woman lost consciousness, the count took her to the bedroom. In bed, Veronica came to herself and saw Lucan leave the room. The woman gathered her strength and ran to the police.

Later it turned out that the count had fled to friends in the neighboring county. He told them that, passing by the house of his ex-wife, witnessed the murder – he saw the attack through the transparent curtains. The Earl allegedly burst into the house, but the criminal disappeared, and his wife was hysterical and accused him of attacking.

From the house of friends, the count phoned his mother, to whom the police had already come. She asked her son to talk to the policemen, who in response muttered something unintelligible, asked her to take care of the children and left the house. Nobody ever saw him again.

The count’s guilt was proven, he was convicted in absentia, but no traces of the murderer have been found to this day. Guardianship over the children passed to the family of Lucan, and Veronica lived to the end of the days a hermit. She died in January 2018, at the age of 80, from an overdose of barbiturates and alcohol.

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