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In Ghana, a film about corruption in the Football Association was shown. In a day she was dismissed

Including accused the president of the department, which denies everything.

The government of Ghana dissolved the football association one day after the film about corruption in the department. The official statement of the association statesthat none of the officials shown in the frame will not try to “hide or protect”.

The film was created by a local journalist who managed to shoot a video of the head of the football association at the time of receiving a bribe of $ 65,000 from an unknown businessman. Other officials and football referees also fell into the frame. The picture was called “When greed and corruption became the norm” and was publicly shown on June 6.

The Minister of Sports said that the decision was taken immediately, and the head of the department did not comment. As noted in the association, they asked the journalist for a copy of the film in order to understand the situation and punish the perpetrators.

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