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In Facebook, they told when a simple emoji 🍆 can denote a harassment

Motherboard published a table of recommendations for Facebook moderators, which is used to determine violations in messages from emoji.

An example of how Facebook explains some emoji for moderators.

The document says that communication in facebook is constantly evolving and many emoji and their combinations acquire a new meaning, and facebook moderators need to monitor this process so that no one violates the rules of the social network.

Use the context to determine if emoji is used in violation of the rules.

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The list itself is quite extensive and includes many explanations, from positive ones (for example, showing praise and joy for a person), before comparing someone with an animal. Also, the use of the flag (national 🇻🇮 and not only 🏳️🌈) can be used to insult an entire people or a group of persons, and the combination of emoji with a turd 💩 and a laughing face with tears 😂, according to Facebook, can be used for baiting. Emoji with eggplant 🍆, peach 🍑 i hotdogom 🌭, according to the table, found in the texts on the topic of sex, including those associated with harassment.

The document explains that the table is not exhaustive and means that moderators will use their own opinion when analyzing messages, perhaps even they will be able to replenish this table themselves.

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