I got a fire on the iPhone X. What should I do?

The reader who faced a very sad situation turned to us.

Good afternoon!

We write to you from Belarus. We want to consult how to proceed.

My friend during the conversation began to bask in the iPhone X, then caught fire. How should we be?

The photo effects of an arbitrary ignition of the iPhone X are impressive. Only the embers remained from the back of the lid.


Of course, the gadget is not subject to recovery. But how to deal with this situation?

What to do with the iPhone if it caught fire

Remember, for any failure during the warranty period of Apple (and on the iPhone X it is one year), immediately go to an authorized service center. In Belarus they are.

If you want to, talk to Apple’s online support service on the official website . Before the treatment, prepare the IMEI device, it will be useful when communicating with the support representatives.

Take with you:

  • the victim of the iPhone X with all the missing and charred parts
  • check receipt
  • warranty card
  • native box with all the staffing

To the representative of the service center explain the situation and describe in detail, under what conditions the ignition occurred.

Next, your iPhone will be picked up for diagnostics to find out the causes of the fire. You, most likely, will be given an act about receiving a defective device.

Given that your case is single, after confirming that the iPhone is not caught up to your fault, you will be given an absolutely new device. Almost all cases with the ignition of iPhones ended with the issuance of a new device.

The affected device, most likely, will be sent to a more detailed examination. It is possible that it will be directly Apple engineers.

If you did not conduct any manipulations with the iPhone and did not operate it at a temperature exceeding the permissible standards from -20 to + 45 ° ), then you can count on a successful solution to the problem.

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