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Giant from San Diego

Disputes about the remains of an old man of unprecedented growth have not ceased for more than 100 years. Before the Indians were taller? In 1895, the newspaper Mir, published in California (The World, October 7, 1895), reported a well-preserved Indian mummy, which was discovered by a team of prospectors in one of the caves near San Diego.

The size of the findings shocked. The growth of the Indian, whose remains were brought to the scientist, during his lifetime exceeded 274 centimeters. One word giant – “the largest giant ever known,” by definition, the authors of the note.

The mummy was called “The Giant from San Diego” and began to be shown to the general public in different states.

Journalists stressed that the mummified remains were examined by Prof. Thomas Wilson, curator of the Department of Prehistoric Anthropology at the Smithsonian Institution of the Smithsonian Institution at the Smithsonian Institution and assured that they were genuine.

The age of the mummy was not established by the scientists – they only estimated that it was over 250 years old. And they determined that the tall Indian was a deep old man.

Among the Indians of North America, there were legends about a tribe of giants who once inhabited local lands. “Pale-faced” legends did not believe.

Time passed. And another newspaper, the Salt Lake tribune (June 07, 1908, Page 17), recalled an unusually mummy. Next to the remains were scientists from the Smithsonian Institute. Journalists reported that they bought the “Giant from San Diego”, arriving at an exhibition in Atlanta, where the “Indian” was then exhibited. We paid 500 dollars. That corresponds to about 15 thousand current dollars. The exhibit was sold by Mr. Lucas.

And further it was found out: the mummy is fake. Instead of the skin, she had dried gelatin, instead of the hair of the tow. Bones are human, but they are pushed apart from each other to “pull” the body. In doubtless rigging, assured Professor McGee (WJ McGee) – one of the leaders about the Bureau of Ethnology of the United States, who conducted the examination.

It turns out, fooled? What meanness … Suddenly, and some other mummies that look supernaturally, are also fake?

The revelation of 100 years ago is remembered to this day. But they blame the unscrupulous falsification of the history not of the “sculptors” who created the “Giant from San Diego”, but the scientists of the Smithsonian Institution. Like, the mummy was real, and those – insidious – specifically declared her to be fake and withdrawn from sin, so as not to spoil the picture of the world in which real giants did not exist, except that unprincipled legends went about them.

Enthusiast conspiracy explains: decisive actions to hide the “truth” began after in the end of the century before last in North America, prospectors began to find a lot of giant skeletons – a growth of more than 3 meters or more. The Smithsonians bought them and destroyed them. The fate of the “Giant from San Diego” allegedly confirm this.

And not so long ago it became known that the US Supreme Court granted the claim of the American Institute of Alternative Archeology (AIAA). And he decided that the Smithsonian Institution should publish the documents that it illegally classified, and admitted that its employees had destroyed the enormous skeletons that the institute had acquired.

So, the information about falsification is falsification itself? And the “Giant from San Diego”, along with his fellow tribesmen who grew even higher, still existed in nature? Alas, not a fact.

The Smithsonian Institute does exist. But the American Institute of Alternative Archeology was not and is not. Under the acronym AIAA lies the innocent American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics).

Enthusiasts have long figured out: information about the court, allegedly called the Smithsonians to account, first appeared on the “clown” site of the World News Daily Report, which specializes in funny fakes, which seem plausible. Once he reported that the employees of our Russian Hermitage, examining the items left after Stalin, discovered among them the skull of Adolf Hitler.

The authors of the site are joking. And about secret giant skeletons joked on December 3, 2014. But now this news is walking like a serious one.
So where is the truth? No answer. Although archaeologists are quite capable of concealing it.

Speaking of giants

Robert Wadlow (Robert Wadlow). Birthday: February 22, 1918. Place of birth: Olton, Illinois, USA. Date of death: 15.07.1940. Place of Death: Manistee, Michigan, USA.

Wadlow, known by nicknames “The Good Giant”, “Alton Giant” and “The Giant of Illinois” was the tallest man in history.
The abnormally high level of growth hormones in Robert was caused by the presence of pituitary hyperplasia. Wadlow did not cease to “reach for heaven” until his last breath; at the time of his death at a weight of 199 kg he waved to 2.72 m.

Robert Pershing Wadlow, the son of Eddie Johnson and Harold Wadlow, was born on February 22, 1918, in Alton, Illinois (Alton, Illinois), and was the eldest of five children in the family. Until the age of four, parents did not notice any anomalies with their first-born. However, after the boy began to grow as a leap.

Having reached the age of eight, Robert overtook the growth of his father. Visiting the primary school, Wadlow sat down for a special desk made for his non-standard dimensions. By the time Alton High School graduated, by 1936, the youth’s height was 2.54 m. With the diploma of secondary education, Robert entered Shartleff College with the intention of studying law.

The giant boy faced serious difficulties caused by his pathology. He used footsteps, to put it simply, with crutches, without which he could not move normally. The abnormal speed of development affected the limited sensitivity of Wadlow, especially in the area beginning from the hips and ending with the feet. However, the tall American preferred to do without a wheelchair, which could beg him to live.

The status of celebrity Robert earned in 1936, when, along with entering college, went on tour with the circus “Ringling Brothers Circus”. In 1938, the giant participated in the advertising tour of the International Shoe Company, known since 1966 under the name INTERCO. The company supplied its special customer with shoes for free.

Samples of giant Wadlow shoes exist to this day, at several locations throughout the US, including the Snyder’s Shoe store in Ludington, Manistee, Michigan, and the Alton Museum of History and art.

Not ceasing to arouse great interest among the crowd, Robert constantly participated in various tours and appeared in public, however, already in his usual casual clothes, unlike circus numbers. Wadlow was famous not only for his growth, but also for his enormous physical strength, gushing in it until the very last year of his short life. Then his power and health as a whole began to deteriorate rapidly.

Wadlow was a member of the Order of Mole, a paramilitary initiative organization for children whose fathers were in the fraternity of free masons. In 1939, Robert petitioned Franklin Lodge # 25 in Alton, Illinois, and in late November of the same year became a third-degree Mason, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Illinois. The Freemason Ring of Wadlow became the largest ever made.

A year before his death, the “Good Giant” overtook the previous world record holder, John Rogan, whose growth was 2.44 m. With his 2.72 m rating, he replaced Rogan in second place on the list of the tallest people on the planet. The official same measurement was made on June 27, 1940, eight days before Robert’s death, by two doctors from the University of Washington in St. Louis, Missouri.
July 4, 1940 Wadlow performed in Manisti, at the National Festival on the occasion of Independence Day. A defective crutch was rubbed on the giant’s leg, which caused the blister to appear, followed by the infection, which quickly spilled over into septicemia. Momentarily reacted to the doctors made a blood transfusion and an emergency operation, but the patient’s condition continued to deteriorate – due to autoimmune disorder.

July 15, 1940, eleven days after the infection of blood, 22-year-old Robert died in a dream. He was buried at the Oakwood cemetery. According to reports, about 40 thousand people came to say goodbye to the highest person in the world (according to other sources, 27 thousand). A huge coffin, weighing half a ton, carried twelve people.

Robert’s relatives feared that his remains could be stolen, and for this reason they asked to concoct his grave. The request was granted.
A full-size Robert Wadlow statue was erected in College Avenue, opposite the Alton Museum of History and Art, in 1986. Another giant statue is in the Guinness Museum, near Niagara Falls.

Finally, another statue of Wadlow, once again in full size, is exhibited at the Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan. In front of the statue is a small screen, on which a short documentary “about the amazing but short life of the giant” is scrolled.

The song of 1998, “The Giant of Illinois”, first performed by the duo The Handsome Family, and later sung by Andrew Bird (Andrew Bird), was coined in honor of Wadlow.

In 2005, American singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens recorded the song “The Tallest Man, the Broadest Shoulders” about Wadlow; the song entered the concept album of Stevens’ Illinois.

A black and white photo depicting Wadlow and his family was used to decorate the back cover of the video collection (VHS-version) of the “Storytelling Giant” rock group Talking Heads.


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