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“Get it, Trump!”: A Democrat politician from Maryland kissed her husband in a pre-election video

The video was shown during the favorite television show of the American president.

A shot from the pre-election video of Richard Madalino

The headquarters of the Democratic Republic of the Governorate party primaries from Maryland, Richard Madalino, produced a commercial in which he kisses his husband – for the first time in American political history.

The airtime for this video of politicians was bought in the Fox News show Fox & Friends. It is known that this transfer is very often seen Donald Trump, who is asupporter of traditional marriage.

In the video, Madalino also talks about his previous achievements, which he allegedly irritates Trump: the struggle to protect abortion and participate in a successful campaign to ban firearms in the state.

The governor’s primaries of the Democrats will be held in Maryland on June 26. In addition to Madalino, seven more candidates take part in them.

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