Essential introduced a separate module with a 3.5-mm jack for your smartphone

About a year after the release of the smartphone Essential, the company introduced a new module to it. This is a unit with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which was not in the gadget itself. Also, the module brought the standard MQA, which will provide high quality tracks with codec support.

Prior to this, another accessory was available to Essential – a 360-degree camera. On the official image, the new 3.5 mm plug looks pretty cumbersome. In addition, it is not flat: the socket for the round connector protrudes. It is unlikely that it will be convenient to carry such a design in your pocket.

Earlier it was reported that the case with Essential is not very good. There were even rumors about the sale of the company, but so far they have not been confirmed. The smartphone costs $ 499, the device was one of the first with a “monobloc”.

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