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Comrades for Danil

June 10 director for development of the “Committee” for the first time in Africa will run the oldest and famous ultramarathon – almost 90 kilometers.

According to the official version of the history of the marathon, a veteran of the First World War Briton Vic Clapham during the fighting took place in Africa as part of the South African Army more than 2,700 kilometers on foot. To commemorate the memory of the fallen African colleagues, he founded the marathon The Comrades (“Comrades”) as the highest test for endurance and fortitude. Since then, the marathon has been held annually, except during the Second World War, and has become the most massive ultramarathon in the world.

The Comrades is held in two directions: “up”, from coastal Durban (21 meters above sea level) to Pietermaritzburg (636 meters), and “down”, that is, in the opposite direction. Every second year the direction of the race changes: in 2018, participants will run down. The path will be approximately 89 kilometers .

The Comrades is a dangerous, exhausting ultramarathon. In its history, eight people died during the races.

The task of runners is to reach the finish line in 12 hours, on the way visiting six key points. All who fulfill this condition will receive medals, but those who come running faster will receive medals of higher dignity. The top ten finishers will receive gold, those who take seats below, but run a distance in less than 6 hours – silver with a gold center (the name of the five-time winner of The Comrades, Wally Hayward), and so on: silver (6-7: 30), bronze with a silver center (7: 30-9, named after the first winner of The Comrades, Bill Rowan, who covered the distance in 8 hours 59 minutes), bronze (9-11) and copper name Vick Clapham (11-12).

In total, about 20 thousand people take part in the race of 2018 (this is the limitation of the marathon) from 60 countries of the world. In 2018, one of the participants will be Danil Khasanshin, the development director of the Committee. He prepared for the marathon almost a year and on June 6 flew to Durban.

The race will begin on Sunday June 10 at 5:30 am local time (6:30 am in Moscow) and finish in 12 hours. It is not known whether the live video feed of the event, but the 12-hour recording of the race in 2017 published a local SABC television channel on YouTube. Check the results of Danil and other runners will be available on a special website when the marathon is over: our comrade runs at number 5046 in the C series (this means that for the race he was qualified as such a result of another marathon that now focuses on the result up to 9 hours in The Comrades ).

We support Daniel in the team – if only because over the past three years he has repeatedly exceeded himself and is now at the peak point of the sport form.

On the left in August of 2014 (one year before the start of regular jogging), on the right in May 2018
Come on, Danil. For myself and for Sashka.
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