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Belarusians have made AR-application for fans of football for World Cup-2018 with “Matryoshka-naughty”

Belarusian IT-company Banuba has released FunCam Football 2018 application for the forthcoming World Cup. The program contains hundreds of filters and effects that will help decorate selfi with the symbolism of the event or your favorite team.

Especially developers are proud of the Matryoshka Arbiter – the image quickly became a meme:

IT-Belarus , Meme
In the mouth of Matryoshka – a whistle

Now users can try on the image, nicknamed in the people “Nested dolls”.

Also there are images of the goalkeeper, football players and fans in branded outfits – for example, with a fur hat or a horned helmet of the Viking on his head. In addition, it is allowed to paint the face in the colors of the flags – all 32 symbols of the countries participating in the World Cup are available.

“FunCam Football 2018 – our gift to fans and fans. We are happy to give football fans the opportunity to get new emotions using the technology of augmented reality, “commented the manager of Banuba Development Nikolai Markovnik.

The app is available for Android and iOS .

Banuba specializes in developing projects with artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

The World Cup will begin on June 14.

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