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The journalist accused the Moscow hotel of refusing to provide a room to guests from Mexico because of the rising prices before the 2018 World Cup

The cost of the room was initially overestimated five times. And then they proposed a compromise variant, which is three times too high.

A house on Kosmodaminskaya embankment in Moscow, in which the hotel Croissant is located. Original Google Maps
A house on Kosmodaminskaya embankment in Moscow, in which the hotel Croissant is located. Original Google Maps

The Moscow hotel-bakery “Croissant” refused to provide a reserved room to several guests from Mexico, who ordered accommodation a year before the settlement. This was told in a Facebook journalist Olga Kanorskaya, who published a letter to the hotel management.

According to Kanorskaya, the friends who booked the room tried to call Croissant, but they refused to speak English. After that, Kanorskaya herself called the hotel and found out an e-mail, according to which the tenants could send the requisites for payment of the number.

The employees of the institution responded to the letter of foreigners with the text translated into English through a computer program. In it, the manager named Pavel stated that the price for the reserved room is not valid and differs from the declared price for the year five times.

Pavel added that hotels can not normally cancel such reservations, but now they “have such a right” and they “just want” to use it. As a compromise option, the man offered to agree to the price for a room three times higher than the one stated at the time of booking.

You have booked a very long time in advance. Very much. Very much.

(You booked a very long time and in advance.

I kindly ask you to respond soon here by e-mail. I worry. Here is a link that you will make sure about the reality of the prices. And this is the only sovbodny day in the long period. We apologize and ask for understanding.

(I kindly ask you to reply as soon as possible here by e-mail.) I’m worried, here is a link by which you can see the reality of the prices I’m talking about, and this is the only long-lasting day. We apologize and ask for understanding ).

excerpts from the letter of the manager of the hotel “Croissant”

According to the services of the hotels and , the cost of double rooms in “Croissant” without discounts was from $ 68 to $ 130 per night (approximately from 4 to 8 thousand rubles) or from $ 46 to $ 88 with a discount (about 3 to 5,5 thousand rubles).

In conversation with , Kanorskaya explained that for eight nights her “friends of friends” had originally requested 29,990 rubles, later – 89900 rubles.

Standard double room in the Croissant Hotel. Photos with
Standard double room in the Croissant Hotel. Photos with

The journalist added that foreigners will try to get accommodation from the hotel, in which they booked accommodation for the year: “Today we will try to revive the croissant, if absolutely stale, think about other options.” On the proposal to apply to Rospotrebnadzor, she replied that “tomorrow she will send and call back Pasha”.

asked for a comment on the Croissant’s management by phone and e-mail. At the time of writing notes representatives of the hotel were unable to provide an operative comment.

In May, Rospotrebnadzor said 738 cases of overstating prices in hotels on the eve of the World Cup. The total amount of the penalty for these companies exceeded 9 million rubles. A few months before, Rosturizm made a rating of hotels with the most inflated prices, which was headed by Kaliningrad hotel “Agora”: a single room in it cost about 130 thousand rubles (5283% higher than usual).

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