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The American driver drove more than two kilometers in reverse with a broken gearbox

He crossed several difficult interchanges, stood at the traffic lights and parked.

The Ohio Department of Transportation published a video from a surveillance camera on a busy highway near the town of Canal-Winchester. It depicts a white SUV, whose driver, because of a broken gearbox, is trying to drive in reverse. Over the roller officials have imposed music from the “Benny Hill Show.”

For four minutes of this movement, the driver drove more than two kilometers. He overcame several complex interchanges, stood at two traffic lights and eventually parked in front of the shopping center. As a result of these maneuvers, not a single car was damaged.

It is not clear whether the SUV driver suffered a penalty for such driving. The Department of Transport noted that in such situations it is necessary “to immediately drive to the sidelines and seek help.”

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