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Rospotrebnadzor more than 9 million rubles fined hotels that overstate prices for the 2018 World Cup

About two thousand cases of administrative violations were initiated.

Photo by RIA Novosti
Photo by RIA Novosti

Rospotrebnadzor conducted more than 1.5 thousand unscheduled inspections of hotels preparing to host tourists during the World Cup, and identified 738 cases of overstating prices for hotel services, as well as 190 cases of hotels missing certificates of classification.

A total of 1941 administrative cases were filed against the facts of the violations, 199 lawsuits were filed against the court “in defense of an indefinite circle of consumers” and 239 warnings were issued. The total amount of fines imposed amounted to more than 9 million rubles, in favor of Rospotrebnadzor at the time of publication, 34 court decisions were adopted.

In January, Rosturizm published a list of hotels, which, in his opinion, inflated prices for mundialya time. The rating was led by the Agora Hotel from Kaliningrad, which overstated prices by 5283.33% (from 2400 to 129,200 rubles per night).

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