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Putin on blocking Telegram


The question was asked by one of the video bloggers, concerned about the possible prohibition of Instagram and YouTube.

During the ” Direct Line ” one of the questions to Vladimir Putin was asked by video blogger Huseyn Hasanov, who asked about possible blocking of Instagram and YouTube.

According to the president, he “understands the concerns” of the video blogger and his audience, but “security issues” for him go first.

We are not going to close anything. I perfectly know the situation around Telegram. I’m worried about the safety of people in my place. When law enforcement officials tell me that after the explosions in the St. Petersburg metro they could not track the correspondence of terrorists and make a decision. And terrorists use it.

Vladimir Putin

Putin added that he does not support the prohibitions of social networks and modern services, and he prefers to negotiate.

It is easiest to prohibit, it is more difficult to find civilized solutions. Therefore, I will encourage my colleagues to follow this path of using modern means of combating offenses. Without limiting the space of freedom, including on the Internet.

Vladimir Putin
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