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On Svalbard the polar bear climbed into the warehouse and could not get out, stuck in the window

He was released only when he was frightened by the noise of the helicopter rescuers.

Photo Malin Star, Aftonbladet
Photo Malin Star, Aftonbladet

A hotel employee in Svalbard, Malin Stark, on June 3, discovered a stuck polar bear in the warehouse of the local Isfjord Radio hotel.

First, Stark noticed a broken door and traces of paws, which made her feel irritated – the door had only recently been replaced after being destroyed by a polar bear. Looking inside, Stark found several opened sacks of food waste and broken wine bottles. Then she heard a bear who tried to get out of the window, but got stuck.

It turned out that the bear entered the room through the door, but she slammed shut, and he had only one exit through the window. In an attempt to get out the animal broke all the windows, but eventually got stuck in one of them.

To rescue the bear, the hotel staff called the governor of Spitsbergen. He sent a team of rescuers and an expert on polar bears to the island. However, as soon as the helicopter began to land, the bear got scared and got out of the window on its own.

Probably, the bear was wounded about a broken glass or a bottle – his hind paw bleeding. None of the five hotel staff and nine guests were harmed. After the rescue, the bear dived into the sea.

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