In Apple Watch added the ability to track the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Smart watches will be able to monitor the two main signs of the disease in real time.

9to5Mac photo
9to5Mac photo

A new API called Movement Disorder in the ResearchKit framework allows Apple Watch to be used to track the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Developers of applications will be able to apply new methods in their products with the output of watchOS 5. This was told by Apple during a speech for developers at the WWDC 2018 conference.

The API will continuously monitor two common symptoms of the disease: tremor (hand trembling) and dyskinesia (involuntary movements of different parts of the body). Developers can use this data in their applications and display recorded information, showing the incidence of symptoms per day, per hour or per minute.

Apple has developed a new API using data from patients with the disease. So far, they have to go to the physiotherapist to assess their condition, and to keep a detailed diary outside the clinic. The new API is designed to partially automate this process and make it continuous.

The ResearchKit framework was launched in March 2015, it is used by scientists to access the iPhone and Apple Watch sensors. Since then, thanks to the framework, researchers have studied sleep health, autism, melanoma and epilepsy. And scientists from the Cardiogram team showed that Apple Watch can be used to detect arrhythmia

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