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“I am a pensioner and I can afford such a journey”: a German on a tractor goes to the World Cup 2018

From Germany to Moscow through Poland and Byelorussia.

photo Miron Klimovich / TUT.BY
photo Miron Klimovich / TUT.BY

On May 15, Hubert Wirth went to Moscow for the opening match of the FIFA World Cup on his Lanz Bulldog tractor in 1936. The 70-year-old German travels to Russia through Poland and Belarus, and then wants to visit Finland via Petersburg. The report about it was made by the Belarusian edition of TUT.BY.

To the tractor of the German is attached a trailer in which he sleeps, dines and rests. Together with him goes a dachshund by the name of Hex, and at home there is a family. Wirth moves at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per hour and overcomes about 100 kilometers a day. “I am a pensioner and I can afford such a trip,” he said.

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