The next expedition to the ISS started from Baikonur

The Soyuz-FG rocket with the Soyuz MS-09 and a crew of three people successfully launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome to the International Space Station. “Union MS-09” has already separated from the third stage of the carrier rocket. He docked to the station only after two days on June 8.

His crew (Russian Sergey Prokopiev, European astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) German Alexander Gerst and American Serina Aunion) will spend 187 days in orbit. Russian – a military pilot, a German – a volcanologist, an American – a doctor of astronauts.

Russians and Germans are going to compete in orbit if their teams meet in the World Cup in football. If the Russians win, Gerst will draw a Russian flag on his forehead, if the Germans, then Prokopiev will swish nalyso.

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