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Russia was recognized as one of the least peace-loving countries in the world

Hmm, why would they decide that we are not peace-loving?

In the ” Global Peace Index ” (Global Peace Index) International Institute for Economics and Peace, the Russian Federation was on the 154th position out of 163. The highest score among the CIS countries, Moldova received, which finished 64th. The rating took into account such criteria as “security in society,” “ongoing conflicts,” and “militarization.”

According to experts, an even less favorable situation has developed in the Central African Republic, Congo, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Southern Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria.

Ukraine (152nd line) and another five states – Nigeria, Turkey, North Korea, Pakistan and Sudan – received a very low rating. At the same time over the past year, Russia has fallen in the rating by one line, Ukraine has risen to two positions. Belarus (101st line) and almost all Central Asian countries received an “average” rating, Moldova (64th) and Kazakhstan (70th place) – “high”.

The most peaceful countries are 13 countries – Iceland, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Canada, Czech Republic, Singapore, Japan, Ireland, Slovenia, Switzerland and Australia.

Over the past ten years, 104 countries have reduced armament spending in relation to GDP, 115 countries have reduced the number of their armies

Steve Killely
Head of IEP

The study indicates that Germany, the United States, China, France and Russia are the largest arms exporters. On the account of these five states – 75 percent of all exported weapons in the world.

According to Killeli, the most unfavorable regions of the world are the Middle East and North Africa.

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