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Mr. Waki, Inflation and “Abracadabra”: an awkward report from San Diego about the opening of the amusement fair

Ignoring the presenter in the studio, frightened volunteers and the only ray of sanity at the end of the video.

Reporter and meteorologist Dave Scott (Dave Scott) from the news channel KUSI from San Diego went live from the opening of the entertainment fair Inflatable Run & Festival. He began the report with a strange ambiguous phrase: “You know, usually when you talk about inflation, you guys, you probably noticed that it’s a good thing or … not a good thing?”

Probably Scott addressed the question to the presenter in the studio, but they had no idea what the reporter was saying. Despite this, he waited 50 seconds for them to respond. In the end, Scott announced that this is actually a great thing when it comes to the local festival of inflatable products [the word inflation can be interpreted not only as “inflation,” but also “inflating, filling with air”]. After that, the reporter finished this part of the reportage, asking the intricate volunteers to pat.

Then Scott came up to one of the girls, asking her: “What do you think that will be fun today?”. In response, she said timidly: “A lot of fun.” Then Scott, without asking the second question, began to transfer the microphone to other volunteers. As a result, one of the girls said that she would “just help”, and another stated that she did not understand the reporter’s question.

After this, another strange moment of the segment begins, when Scott forces already confused volunteers to chant: “Abracadabra! 1, 2, 3! Now it’s time to see what we’ll see! “.

After pronouncing the “spell” in the frame appears a green growth doll named Mr. Wacky (Mr. Wacky). Scott takes an interview with her, and in the end asks if everyone can become as inflatable as he is. The plot ends with Mr. Waki ​​trying to save the interview, urging everyone to make a wave.

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