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In the US, for the first time in 40 years, the judge was recalled: he passed a very mild sentence for sexual violence

The judge considered that the prison sentence would negatively affect the life of the accused student.

Aaron Perski, photo The Associated Press
Aaron Perski, photo The Associated Press

In California, voters voted to recall 56-year-old judge Aaron Persky, who in 2016 issued a very mild sentence to the accused in the case of sexual violence. Perski became the first judge, withdrawn from 1977 in the US and since 1932 in California.

The reason for the recall was the case, which Persky considered in March 2016. He admitted the 20-year-old Stanford University student Brock Turner guilty of “sexual penetration” of a foreign object against a woman who was drunk and unconscious, and also in an attempted rape. Turner committed a crime in 2015, raping a woman near the garbage can when she lost consciousness from intoxication.

At the time of the crime, Turner was drunk – the level of alcohol in his blood was twice the permissible rate. At the trial, he reported that he could walk and talk, and also understood that his victim was “very drunk.” He claimed that he did not intend to rape the victim. According to him, physical contact occurred on mutual consent.

The maximum punishment for Turner, provided by law, was 14 years imprisonment. June 2, 2016 Persky, with a sense of remorse, sentenced him to six months in prison, but the student was released three months earlier for good behavior. Turner also received three months of probation and became listed as a rapist. In addition, he was expelled from Stanford University, where he studied on a swimmer’s scholarship. The prosecutor’s office asked to sentence the student to six years in a California prison.

The sentence pronounced by Persky caused a resonance in the United States. In June 2016, the publication Buzzfeed published testimony of the 23-year-old victim Turner. In court, she stated: “You took away my sense of self-respect, security, my strength, my time, self-confidence, my voice. I’m a man who suffered irreparable damage. “

According to Perski, Turner “would not represent a danger to others.” He also expressed concern that “the prison term could adversely affect” the life of a young man. He also explained that he had every right to make such a verdict, since Earlier Turner was not held criminally liable.

Supporters of Persian argued that the judge was consistent in issuing sentences in criminal cases, and also was a supporter of conditional terms and pre-trial agreements.

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