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German Sterling noted the mayor’s chair

The agitated entrepreneur Herman Sterling on his page in VKontakte announced his desire to take part in the election of the mayor of Moscow.

Apparently the same tablet will wait for us at the entrance to Moscow.

Plans for the potential mayor of Moscow are very ambitious.

I undertake in four years to place the whole of Moscow in the Garden Ring. Millions of guest workers will go home. Work in Moscow for them will no longer be. Moscow will become a small compact capital like Washington, mostly populated by the remaining officials, law enforcement officers, pensioners and their servants who feed abundant natural food from millions of new peasant households of yesterday’s Muscovites.

Hermann Sterling
Candidate for mayor of Moscow

According to Sterlingov’s forecasts, the population of the capital in four years of his rule will be one million people. He also promised to allocate “every adult married Muscovite” a house and an “economy” in the Moscow, Tver, Smolensk, Kaluga and Ryazan regions.

I pledge myself to act swiftly and decisively. A great exodus from Moscow will begin next spring after my victory in the mayoral election in September this year.

Hermann Sterling
Candidate for mayor of Moscow

At the end of his message, Sterling noted that a detailed program for the resettlement of Muscovites has already been worked out.

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