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Facebook launched the analogue karaoke for live broadcast in the application

The user selects the song, opens his mouth to the rhythm of the words and streams it for friends.

Facebook launched the karaoke feature on Lip Sync Live live, similar to Users need to select a song from the list and open their mouth with the performer, without necessarily singing alone.

Among the first tracks available tracks are Drake, Ed Sheeran, Guns N Roses and other performers. As noted Engadget, recently Facebook has signed contracts with Universal, Warner and Sony, so users will have enough songs to choose from.

Lip Sync Live is compatible with other live options: you can add masks, hashtags, apply filters or change background. The function appeared for some users, but the social network plans to launch it for everyone in the near future.

Representatives of Facebook explained that in the future it will be possible to upload their karaoke sessions as a video, but only with songs to which the social network has rights. If a user publishes a video with a prohibited track, then he will be offered to either delete the video, or leave it without a sound.

Karaoke, in which you need to open your mouth in time with the song, has become popular thanks to the show Lip Sync Battle and the application According to TechCrunch, the latter has 60 million active users, most of whom are teenagers.

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