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Dinosaurs did not look exactly the same as in the “Jurassic Park”

As it turned out, the creators of “Jurassic Park” (this is how the name of the film is translated literally) made a number of mistakes. Let’s start with the first, laid in the very title of the novel by Michael Crichton, on which the film was shot.

“I think that the” Cretaceous Park “was not suitable for sounding (in the English-language classification it is called Cretaceous from the Latin” creta “-” chalk “- editorial comment), – the paleontologist Steve Brusatte laughs .. – But most dinosaurs lived in the Cretaceous period, this is true. “

Indeed, most of the dinosaurs that the film abounds – including the tyrannosaurus, velciraptor and triceratops – lived in the Cretaceous period, following the Jurassic.

Velociraptors, however, looked in reality quite differently – not the way they are represented in the film.

“In fact, velikiraptory, the remains of which were found in Mongolia, were the size of a poodle, not from a large fancifully cut poodle, but from a miniature poodle,” explains Brusatta.

“They were a subspecies of the Deinonych family, which were much smaller than the Velociraptors in the film,” says Brusatta.

Now we know that deinonych (from the Latin Deinonychus – “terrible claw”) was a feathered predecessor of modern birds.


After in the late 1990’s. the remains of fossilized dinosaurs were first discovered, and after the discovery of the remains of a feathered relative of the tyrannosaur in 2004, our idea of ​​how dinosaurs looked was much different from 1993.

Released in 2015, “World Jurassic Period” was actively criticized for the fact that the dinosaurs in the film still have no feathers and look exactly the same as in the “Jurassic Park” shot more than 20 years ago.

According to Brusatta, this is one of the strongest deviations from reality.

“Now we know that dinosaurs – maybe all dinosaurs in general – had some kind of feathering, so it’s a bit strange for me to see images of dinosaurs without feathers, it just does not look natural,” he says.

“Now I have a completely different idea of ​​how to portray dinosaurs.If we were filming a movie about dinosaurs – not from the Jurassic Park series – I would have done everything quite differently … Everything, what we learned about the plumage of [dinosaurs] is very important, and here you can do a lot of interesting things, “Tippett says.

Brusatte with both hands for: “Tyrannosaurus would look like a hell-bird the size of a bus, I think it’s much more frightening than a green scaly tyrannosaurus.”

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