World Championship2018

Art: Alternative posters for the World Cup 2018

Updated: the artist said that Facebook blocked his page after the publication of posters.

Author: Andrey Ermolenko

Kiev artist Andrei Ermolenko drew alternative posters of the upcoming Football Championship.

He portrayed the “other side” of Russia, drawing on the posters thMalaysian Boeing MH-17 , police torture , Novichkom poisoning and the bloody mascot of the Zabivak competition.

Last updated at 10:00 PM: Ermolenko told “Ukrainska Pravda” that Facebook, where he published posters, blocked his page. At the time of publication, the page was available.

Facebook explained this by saying that I violated his dogma precisely because of these posters. They first banned my very first post with one poster, but then I packed them all in one post, and then Facebook banned me.

Andrey Ermolenko
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