Announced smartphone Honor Play with a turbo: “twice as stable as Xiaomi Mi 8”

The sixth of June is the day when we were promised a “breakthrough innovation” in the new smartphone Honor. It turned out that we are talking about GPU Turbo technology, which should be assessed by mobile gamblers. During the presentation noted that the technology provides high performance smartphone Honor Play, HDR effects and high quality pictures, all combined with low power consumption.

It is claimed that the GPU Turbo allows you to consistently keep fps in games at almost 60 frames per second. At the event, the novelty was compared with Xiaomi Mi 8 and assured that Honor Play keeps fps twice as stable as the flagship smartphone from Xiaomi. Probably, we are talking about the fact that the phone presented today in games has less variation between the minimum and maximum fps.

According to the manufacturer, GPU Turbo technology improves graphics processing efficiency by 60%, while increasing energy efficiency by 30%. Among other novelties, we note the presence of the Kirin 970 chip, a 3750 mAh battery, a dual camera, as well as support for surround sound, 7.1-channel Huawei Histen sound and real-time augmented reality.

In China Honor Play will go on sale on June 11. The version with 6 GB of operating and 64 GB of internal memory will cost a little less than $ 400 in equivalent, and with 4 GB of RAM – almost $ 70 cheaper. On international shipments of the smartphone has not yet been reported.

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