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A Chinese robot dog may be electrocuted for maltreatment. But in general it is created for lonely people

The dog can understand if the owner is bad, and also take offense at ignoring.

Robot "Bad dog". Photos TechNode
Robot “Bad dog”. Photos TechNode

A student from China, Zhang Jianming, came up with a robot-a “bad dog”, which should help the Chinese youth cope with loneliness. According to the idea of ​​the author, he will become for them “a good company”. For the first time he presented a robot at a conference to attract young developers, which is supported by Alibaba, transmits TechNode.

The student said that he himself had lived alone for a long time. According to him, “Bad dog” constantly forces the owner to actively communicate with her. The robot can monitor the owner’s vital indicators, take delivery if no one is at home, and “simulate all the pros and cons of owning a dog for single citizens.”

"Bad dog" is showing offense. Photos TechNode
“Bad dog” is showing offense. Photos TechNode

Unlike real dogs, the “Bad Dog” has an infrared sensor to measure the temperature of the owner. With his help, the robot can determine the mood of a person and try to react. If the robot noticed that a person has been sitting or lying too long, he uses a sensor to see if he is lazy, sick, or “just dead.” The student noted that in the future the robot will be able to call emergency services via the Internet, but suggested that it will not be taken seriously.

In the “eyes” of the robot installed sensors and cameras that help him move around on wheels and communicate. In his head and on the muzzle there are also sensors, thanks to which the robot recognizes stroking. If the owner’s apartment has “smart” locks on the entrance doors, the robot will be able to unlock them to let the courier in with the delivery. After receiving the parcel, he will say “Now you can go” in your “withdrawn manner”.

But if the “Bad Dog” will notice that the owner pays little time to him or ignores him, and also swears or does not follow the charge of the battery poorly, she can take revenge. The eyes of the robot will turn red if he realizes that they are being mistreated. In more serious cases, it can strike the owner (or courier) with electricity.

The height of the robot is about 30 centimeters. The development of the prototype for the student took only 50 days, after which it was printed on a 3D printer. Coding device took a friend of Yanmin about two days. The student does not know yet whether the robot will die if it is completely discharged too often.

Photo by Khang Yanmin
Photo by Khang Yanmin

The student is already working on a new model of the “Bad Dog”. He wants to make it with transparent panels, through which will be visible chips and wires. He is looking for ways of financing to bring the model to mass production.

This is necessary in order to create the effect of glass inserts on spaceships. To the robot looked more technologically, so that people would think that this is a “space dog”. If people think that this is just a toy from South Asia, they will not give the robot attention.
Khang Yanmin
the creator of the “Bad Dog”

The number of single people in China increased from 6% in 1990 to 14.6% in 2013, writes TechNode. The largest number of singles lives in Shanghai. The student is sure that the technological development of the country played a role in this – there were a lot of ways to communicate, but it was not necessary for anyone.

Photos TechNode
Photos TechNode
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