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The man was killed during the promotional campaign of crypto-currency on Everest


People die because of the crypto currency already in the literal sense. In May, the social network ASKfm in support of the initial placement of its crypto currency decided to withdraw the promos on Everest. Climbers successfully buried somewhere near the top a hardware purse with ASKT (AKKfm tokens) for $ 50,000. Descending from the mountain, one of the guides was behind. Now he is considered dead. There was no one to bury him.

The peak group reached May 14. On this occasion, a promo video was recorded, which you can watch below.

Lam Baba Sherpa fell behind the group during the descent, Vice said . He was the conductor who helped the four men from the ASKfm group to climb the mountain. He was a veteran of climbing the mountain. Three times conquered the summit of Everest and returned alive.

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