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The FBI agent danced in the club and accidentally shot a man. The club offered the victim lifelong drinks

The police still find out if the employee was drunk at the time of the incident.

Nightclub Mile High Spirits Distillery in Denver offered lifelong free drinks to an American, in which the dancing agent of the FBI accidentally shot.

Shooting occurred at night June 3. The FBI agent made a somersault during the dance, because of which a pistol fell out of his holster fixed to his belt. When he tried to raise his weapon, the gun fired a standing customer in the leg. The officer picked up the pistol and stepped aside, raising his hands.

Employees of the club did not know that the agent brought a pistol with him. They intend to find out from the FBI why he took weapons with him during off hours. The club added that this was the only incident with shooting during its entire existence. The administration of the institution also wished the young man a speedy recovery.

[This happened] because the FBI agent went into our room with a loaded gun, violating the rules. We did not know about this.

club Mile High Spirits Distillery

The Denver police said they expect the results of the examination to bring charges against the agent. The police still find out whether the employee was drunk at the time of the incident, but did not give his name. At the time of the incident, he was not on duty.

9news reported that the agent’s name is Chase Bishop, he is 29 years old and he is from Washington. In Denver, he came to the FBI exercise, and has already left the city, the publication claims. A Denver police officer told CNN that the agent was not detained and was not arrested after the shooting. At the same time, according to The Denver Channel, the police interrogated him and gave him to the curator from the FBI.

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