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The developer from Krivoy Rog created an online handwritten notes generator for students

Resident of Krivoy Rog Valery Levchenko is developing the service “Scribe” , which generates handwritten text based on electronic documents. The author himself informed about this

“Scribe”, as the developer calls it, is currently in the beta testing stage, but anyone can appreciate his work.

Service understands Russian-language and English-language text, punctuation marks, numbered and bulleted lists, as well as formulas (text in which some characters are written in upper or lower case).

Unlike other similar solutions , “Scribe” generates text with various blots and errors, so that it looks as realistic as possible.

The test showed that the program even takes into account the natural slope of the text when writing with the right hand.

In the future, the service will allow you to instantly print ready-made abstracts, as well as choose handwriting.

According to the author, even after the launch, the service will remain free.

“Scribe” will help in the fight against such stupidity of many teachers as “admission for waste paper.”

Valery Levchenko, developer

Levchenko notes that the site is still available to the old version of the program, and “in the near future” he plans a full-fledged launch of the service.

There is still a lot of work to adapt English and all Cyrillic languages, the speed of the program, as well as a simple opportunity to add your own handwriting to anyone who wants to.

There should be five standard handwriting, checking for errors, formatting text as in Word (underlining, color changing, alignment and indexes).

Valery Levchenko, developer

Currently, only the basic text generator is available to users, but the release also includes several types of substrates for the A4 sheet (cell, lines and a sheet for reports, issued in accordance with GOST).

The author himself notes that if desired, you can set up printing and directly on the notebook sheets.

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