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The community in “VKontakte” switched to “by hand” after the launch of the algorithm for combating theft of content

While administrators use a handwritten text generator, they are ready to write themselves.

June 5 in the community MOLODEC in “VKontakte” drew attention to changes in the large public Story (320 thousand subscribers) – instead of standard pictures with the text there began to appear records written by hand. Commentators linked the innovation with the launch of the “Nemesis” algorithm in the social network, which automatically searches for stolen content.

Last updated at 16:00: VKontakte stated that, despite the “public creativity”, “Nemesis” can still receive a signal about copying the content.

If it turns out that the copy was placed in an unfair manner, and there are many violations, the moderation team can apply various penalties to the community. So we advise authors to start creating completely unique content before June 15, or to provide links to the source.

Press office of VKontakte

“Nemesis” has earned in “VKontakte” since June 1. A few days later, all old records were deleted from the Story public, and the new ones imitate human handwriting with the help of a service for translating printed text into a handwritten one.

Authors sometimes take notes from other communities, only now they write “by hand”.

Community administrator Michael Kuzin in a conversation with confirmed that the new format is associated with the launch of “Nemesis”. According to him, Story “has the opportunity” to abandon the generator and make hand-written recordings for real.

At least, this idea was prompted by the news about “Nemesis”, but in general I still wanted to change something. I thought this could be a unique content, ready to even write in different handwriting and phototagrate. But, as with all VKontakte algorithms, it is unclear how effective this will be. But I can afford to experiment.

Mikhail Kuzin
community administrator Story

Kuzin noted that most of the subscribers “are still indignant”. Administrators will look within a few days whether to leave such a format. He stressed that some users have already started sending their handwritten notes to the community.

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