Scientists: 1.4 billion years ago, the day on Earth was 18 hours due to the proximity of the Moon

Specialists at the University of Wisconsin in Madison conducted a study and proved that the earth’s day continues to increase, albeit unnoticeable to humans. For example, 1.4 billion years ago they were only 18 hours. This is due to the satellite of our planet.

The moon is constantly moving away from the Earth – about 3.82 centimeters each year. This affects the rotation of the planet around its axis, hardly noticeably slowing it down. It is noted that hundreds of millions of years will pass before people have to introduce a new standard for calculating the day.

Now the distance between the Earth and the Moon is about 380 thousand kilometers. More than a billion years ago, the satellite was closer to 40 thousand kilometers.

The Moon is the closest satellite to the Sun and the fifth largest satellite of the Solar System.

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