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“Queen of shit robots” Simon Hertz suffered an operation on the brain. She is on the mend and already jokes on Twitter

Hertz created a useless robot for eating breakfast and other strange devices. But recently she had a benign tumor.

In April 2018, a brain tumor from Stockholm, Simone Giertz (Simone Giertz), known as the “Queen of Shit Robots”, was found to have a brain tumor, and a month later she underwent surgery to remove it. All this time, the girl that users fell in love for comic useless devices, did not give up: she gave a tumor name, recorded videos and tried to treat the disease with humor.

In early June, Hertz returned to the social network after a successful operation – she thanked everyone for their support and again joked. This time about his recovery and the “super villainous” scar on his head.

Useless robots for all occasions

Hertz became famous in 2015, when she told Motherboard about trying to program a robot’s arm to prepare breakfast without the necessary technical skills. According to the idea, the device had to fill the plate with flakes, pour them with milk, and then feed the journalist. But instead, the robot handled the mess on the table and coped with the task at “4 out of 10”.

The unsuccessful first invention did not stop Hertz, and she continued experiments. The girl started a video blog on YouTube, and eventually became known on the Internet as “queen of crap robots”. She came to the evening show to American presenter Steven Colbert, spoke at the TED conference with the theme “Why should you do useless things” and in three years gained more than a million subscribers on the channel.

Many of Simone’s inventions, which are designed to make life easier for people, went to popular gifki. For example, a robot, which should replace the alarm clock.


Or a device that washes a person’s head, freeing his hands for other things.


Also, Hertz made a robot that did not successfully pour her beer.


There was also a device whose only task was to put glasses on the eyes. With him, the blogger was able to repeat the Deal With It meme.


A tumor called Bryan

On April 30, Hertz published a video in which she told that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. According to her, she felt pain near the right century for about a year. The examination showed that the swelling in that place is a tumor the size of a golf ball. “I do not even like golf, but I love my brain,” she joked.

“The Queen of Shit Robots” had an operation, during which she “most likely will not die”, because the tumor is benign. Hertz could be blinded by one eye or stay with a paralyzed part of her face.

This is not goodbye. I plan to become super-healthy and continue to create shitty robots and videos for you. Thank you, because three years of the existence of my channel are the three best years of my life.

Simon Hertz

The inventor began to prepare for the operation. At the same time, she did not leave social networks – Hertz commented on her diagnosis and continued to joke. For example, she laughed at the automatic mailing of LinkedIn, in which she was congratulated on “getting into the news”. The news was information about her brain tumor. The vologobloger called the tumor itself Brian.

“The make-up artist asked if my swelling on the eye is related to the eyelash extension – * You do not know anything, John Snow *”
Sometimes she had serious records.

“What a crazy, uninvited adventure”

On May 23, Hertz announced that the operation would take place in a week. “This is your eviction notice, Brian. Take your things from the skull, eyeball and jaw muscles, ” she wrote . Subscribers answered the blogger with a caricature.

After operation

May 30, “Queen of shit robots” underwent surgery on the brain. A few hours before the procedure, Hertz confessed that she was very frightened by what would happen next. But after that, in her twitter account there was an entry that doctors are happy with how it went. And Hertz managed to wake up and tell “an inappropriate joke.”

A couple of days the inventor began to write in social networks herself. She compared her condition with Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, and then told “useless fact”: steroids make auto correction even more annoying. In the first photo after the operation, Hertz showed a “super villainous scar in the process” on her head.

super villain scar in the making

— Simone Giertz (@SimoneGiertz) 4 June 2018

customisable-border” dir=”ltr” data-scribe=”component:card”>Later, Hertz returned to the Instagram, where she published pictures and “stories” from the house. In one of the photos, the “queen of shit robots” points to the inscription on the shirt “I’m fine”. “This is an incoming message from my brain,” she added.

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