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Lifkhak: “Handwritten” summary, printed on the printer

under the nickname MakeMeHateYou published instructions on creating a fake handwritten summary.

According to MakeMeHateYou, while studying at the university, an abstract is often necessary for admission to the test, but often its writing is a simple mechanical work that takes a long time.

In such cases, MakeMeHateYou offers to print fake abstracts created in Microsoft Word.

To do this, create a page with dimensions of 165 by 205 mm, and also set the margins: upper and lower – 5 mm, left – 25 mm, right – 8 mm.

The next step is to create any shape from the Insert tab.

The figure is only needed to enable the “Drawing Tools” tab in Word, where you can find the “Grid Parameters” item in the “Align” section.

With the help of “Grid Parameters” you can create a cellular marking (“Show Grid”) with a step of 5 mm – like a regular notebook.

The main find is MakeMeHateYou – the Escal font , which is really hard to distinguish from handwritten text.

Having copied the text from the manual or “Wikipedia”, it must be adjusted in such a way that it was written according to all the rules – through the line and with automatic translations.

After printing, gluing together half of the sheets with adhesive tape, and also connecting them with the help of staples with the cover of the usual notebook, MakeMeHateYou turned out a plausible-looking summary.

According to the author, young teachers in this way are unlikely to be able to hold, but with older people, it can work.

In recent years, network users are increasingly looking for a way to similarly simplify their lives in a university or school.

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