Lenovo promised “truly” frameless smartphone, but still made him a framework


All life is a lie.

In May 2018, Vice President of Lenovo Group Chang Cheng announced the release of a “truly” frameless smartphone Lenovo Z5, which should not have a “bang”, and the display occupied 95% of the front panel. Also, the company introduced the concept design and the render part of the device. On June 5, officially presented the Z5 – and it turned out to be a “bang” with a wide frame from the bottom.

Lenovo stressed that their frame is thinner than the Xiaomi Mi 8 and the iPhone X, and the “bang” takes up less space. But it still disagrees with the information that was previously announced. In Z5, the screen takes up 90% of the front panel – this is less than the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 .

Some journalists and technoblogers called Lenovo actions “a huge lie”: the company was interested in their potential technical breakthrough, which turned out to be a “copy” of the iPhone X.

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