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In the US, a schoolgirl came to the graduation with a cardboard Danny De Vito. The actor in response came to the bar with a cardboard schoolgirl

The girl could not find a gentleman, so she bought it on Amazon.

In May 2018, a resident of Pennsylvania, Allison Closs (Allison Closs) became famous thanks to the unusual choice of a gentleman at the school graduation. The 17-year-old girl could not find the “right” guy, so she went to the ball with the cardboard figure of actor Danny De Vito (“Get the Shortie”, “Batman Returns”) in full growth.

Closs chose between several celebrities: for example, she looked closely at the cardboard popularizer of science Bill Nye (Bill Nye). But the figure of the TV presenter would have to be cut out most, and Danny De Vito had a lot of “cardboard twins” on Amazon. For $ 100 a schoolgirl acquired the figure of a 73-year-old actor and a cart to carry her.

According to Ellison, friends supported her idea, and my mother was skeptical. May 14 the girl went with the “De Vito” at the prom, wearing a tie on him: they danced at the ball and photographed in the photobooth. “Danny does not look like other people. It’s like swimming with the flow – we do not argue and do not quarrel, “- she said.

On June 5, the Hollywood actor responded to the comic appearance at the graduation. Director Rob McElhenney, who worked with De Vito on the series “In Philadelphia is always sunny,” published in Instagram a photo with the caption: “Hey, Allison. I heard you took the cardboard Danny at the prom. It’s a coincidence – he took the cardboard Allison in [Paddy’s] bar. “

Attempts to invite stars at the prom is one of the traditions in the USA. Sometimes they agree: for example, in February 2018 NBA basketball player Stephen Adams accepted an offer from one of the cheerleaders. True, she asked the athlete to go with her at the prom in as early as 2015 and by that time had already finished training.

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