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Fotozhaby: Dmitry Kiselyov in virtual reality

It’s like a kick from Bulk on hooligans, but in a VR-headset.

On June 5, the head of MIA “Russia Today” Dmitry Kiselyov opened an interactive exhibition “Need a goal!” Opposite the company’s headquarters. Including it made a stand with a headset of virtual reality, which connects to the application Artefact.

The “Real Lentach” community drew attention to the photo from the event, in which Kiselev in the headset allegedly beats on the ball. This picture is not in the photo bank of Russia Today, but in a note by RIA Novosti it is said that “the exhibition opened with a symbolic goal in the format of virtual reality.”

Thanks to Kiselev’s blow, similar to the kick from Navalny , photography became an excuse for jokes in social networks.

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