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Competition “Miss America” ​​refused to defile in swimsuits

Women will be able to take part in it “with any shape and size.”

Competition "Miss America" ​​in Atlantic City on September 7, 2017. Photo by Donald Kravitz, Getty
Competition “Miss America” ​​in Atlantic City on September 7, 2017. Photo by Donald Kravitz, Getty
Organizers of the beauty contest “Miss America” ​​refused to defile in swimsuits. The jury will no longer evaluate participants in appearance, said Gretchen Carlson, Miss America in 1989, the current head of the board of trustees of the contest.

We no longer intend to evaluate you in your appearance, because it is important for us what makes you you.

Gretchen Carlson
head of the board of trustees “Miss America”

Contest participants stated that “they no longer want to go on high heels and swimsuits,” Carlson added. She noted that women “with any figure and size” can take part in the new competition.

Instead of the defile in swimsuits, the contest will introduce interactive communication of participants with members of the jury. In it contestants will share their achievements, plans and how they use “their talents, ambitions and passions to fulfill the role of” Miss America “.

Refusal from the defile is not the only change in the competition, there will also be no competition in the night shirts. Carlson said that the contestants will be able to wear what they want themselves.

Carlson explained that the change was influenced, among other things, by the #MeToo movement , which advocates the condemnation of sexual violence and harassment.

In our country there is a cultural revolution, women find the courage to speak out on many things. “Miss America” ​​is proud of the fact that it is developing as an organization and joins this strong movement.

Gretchen Carlson
head of the board of trustees “Miss America”
“We give up swimsuits and enter a completely new era”

In December 2017, the head of the organizing committee of “Miss America” ​​Sam Haskell, President Josh Randle and several top managers of the competition resigned because the Huffington Post published excerpts from their correspondence, in which they discussed the contestants, their appearance, personal and intimate life, and also made other comments in their address.

The contest “Miss America” ​​is held annually in the United States for 97 years, since 1921. Finalists of “Miss America” receive scholarships for training. In 2018 the competition will be held on September 9.

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