Why Google and Apple can not help us get rid of the smartphone dependency

Hello everyone, my name is Max, and I’m dependent on my smartphone.

Google and Apple are launching new features that can help me and such as I overcome this dependence, but I doubt that they will succeed.

A new version of Android from Google, which comes out this fall, will have a new feature called “Digital Wellness”. It will help users spend less time with their smartphones. Some sources report that Apple is going to do the same in iOS 12, which will be presented today, at WWDC 2018.

But that’s the problem of smartphone dependency (and I think most will agree): sometimes we absolutely do not need to take our phones. Maybe I’ll once again tape the tape in Instagram or Twitter, or check out the new posts on TJ for the 30th time in an hour. Putting timers on applications is also not the best solution. You can just open another one or turn off the temporary control altogether.

People who are addicted to something, do not want to stop doing it. And sometimes they just do not recognize the fact of their dependence.

Different functions, perhaps, could help you, but will you use them? If you can not stop logging into Twitter or Instagram, will you set limits on the time of their use? Parents could do this for children, but will adults use it? I doubt it.

I welcome the fact that Google and Apple are trying to somehow solve a rather important problem for everyone. I’m tired of being in the company of friends, where everyone in turn grabs their smartphone. But can Google and Apple help? In the end, they themselves earn with this dependence.

We need to learn how to save our smartphones, leave them at home. But first of all, we have to admit that we are addicted.

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