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VKontakte launched money transfers to communities

“VKontakte” allowed users to transfer money to communities. Take the funds can administrators and editors of the groups, told in the press service of the social network.

Transfers to communities will not fundamentally differ from transfers between users. Money can be attached as an attachment to a private message. If the beneficiary does not withdraw the funds in five days, they will return to the sender. That is, we are not talking about a new mechanism, like creating a community purse, – representatives of the social network specified.

We are laying the foundation for a crowd crowding platform based on VKontakte communities. Now, any community can finance a particular collective project with the help of its participants.

So, indie musicians can collect the necessary amount for the recording of the album, the parent committee of class 11A at the graduation party, and the partnership of the owners of the “Romashka” residential complex – for bicycle parking in the yard.

Yuri Ivanov, director of e-commerce “VKontakte”

Administrators and community editors can take the translation, they also have a history of translations. It is specified that, as in transfers between users when sending money from Mastercard and Maestro, the commission will not be charged, and for Visa cards the commission will be 1%, at least 40 rubles.

The system of money transfers between users appeared in “VKontakte” in September 2016. The minimum amount of transfer is 100 rubles, and the maximum amount is 75 thousand rubles.

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