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Videobloger Ilya Maddison first contacted the fans after the scandal with a joke about the Koran

Videobloger Ilya Davydov, better known as Ilya Maddison, left a message on his Twitch channel. In it, he said that in the near future he could not conduct live broadcasts and asked fans not to renew the paid subscription. Davydov first got in touch after the scandal because of his joke about the Koran on the stand-up performance.

In his message, he asked not to hope for the release of new videos due to the current situation.

Dear friends! To date, there is such a situation that I do not have the opportunity to broadcast. When she appears, I do not know. There is a possibility that this may never happen. So the most logical solution for those of you who have a paid subscription, there will be an answer from the channel.

If you do not do this and will wait – I can only say “thank you”, this money will help me a lot. Before all the rest I can only apologize for everything that’s happening. I really want to stream, but at the moment it’s impossible.

Ilya Davydov, video blogger

In mid-January, it became known that Davydov was massively harassed online because of an expression in the video. The prosecutor’s office handed over materials to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation to initiate criminal proceedings under part 1 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and prepared an application to the court to recognize the video as extremist.

The Chechen prosecutor’s office announced that a psycholinguistic study had been conducted on the video . In the course of it it became clear that in the video “there are actions and statements aimed at humiliating a person and a group of people on the basis of the attitude towards religion Islam and Christianity.”

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