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Users found in VKontakte working applications VK Pay

Including to pay fines traffic police, “VK votes”, the Internet and mobile communications.

Administrators of the closed community in “VKontakte” “Bagos” found in the social network working applications VK Pay. They said that they found the projects “from the developer Mail.Ru”.

Administrators have discovered applications to pay for the Internet, digital television and games. They also provided links to “Fines of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate” , “Voices VK” and payment for mobile communications .

Screenshot from the community of Bagos
Screenshot from the community of Bagos

The editor tried to pay for the mobile connection, but this has not yet been done. Apparently, the applications are still under development, but when testing begins – it is still unknown. appealed to the press service of VKontakte for comment, but received no prompt response.

Last updated at 16:07: VKontakte refused to comment.

In March 2018, the agency RNS reported that VKontakte will launch a VK Pay payment system based on remittances. It was planned that through VK Pay users will be able to pay taxi, food delivery, book hotels or buy tickets and get paid for it. It was also assumed that the commission will be charged only for the withdrawal of funds, a maximum of which – 200 thousand rubles a month. Then the press service of VKontakte declined to comment.

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