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Under Nizhny Tagil mass sweeps are killed. The zoologists explained this by the lack of food due to cold weather

Experts called on local residents to save birds and do not let go until the arrival of warmth.

On the highway near Nizhny Tagil, locals found dozens of swifts. Passing by motorists on June 3 told E1.Ru that some of the birds did not die, but were very depleted.

Many birds flew so low that they were hit by cars, or they themselves hit cars.

Some drivers selected birds to save. One of the local residents said that when he picked up the birds, they were very cold, but they recovered in the car with the stove on.

Zoologist Yulia Khatipova explained to the agency “All news” that the birds did not have enough food and they died of hunger. Khatypova added that short-time cold swifts are not terrible. The absence of food due to frosts led to the sea.

Usually swifts can be seen in the metropolis. This is a planning bird, able to eat in flight – to catch midges and mosquitoes. But now we see these birds in the country, in the woods, on the plains. This forced displacement: in the Nizhny Tagil, insects are practically invisible because of the cold and unusual for this time.

In the area of ​​Monsino, the Swifts tried to find food in a pond where there is enough warmth and there is life. There could still be insects, but this volume for a large population of birds was not enough, and they died, cruelly deceived.

Yulia Khatypova

Specialists told us how to save weakened birds. For this, the swift should be transferred to a warm place and fed with minced meat. Some advise to feed the birds with crickets or cockroaches and do not let go until the onset of warm weather.

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