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The prosecutor’s office of Chechnya initiated a criminal case against videobloger Ilya Maddison for a joke about the Koran

The prosecutor’s office of the Chechen Republic initiated a criminal case against the video blogger Ilya Davydov, known as Ilya Maddison. The reason for this was a joke about the Koran, voiced by Davydov in one of his stand-speeches.

Ilya Davydov
Ilya Davydov

According to a report by the Chechen prosecutor’s office, a psycholinguistic study was conducted on the video . It showed that in the video “there are actions and statements aimed at humiliating a person and a group of people on the basis of the attitude towards religion Islam and Christianity.”

Speaking to the public, Davydov sneers at the Qur’an and, at the end of his speech, points out that this is the Bible.

Press Service of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Chechen Republic

The prosecutor’s office handed over materials to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation to initiate criminal proceedings under part 1 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and prepared an application to the court to recognize the video as extremist.

In mid-January it became known that Davydov was subjected to mass harassment in the network because of this statement in the video. Later, a friend of Maddison, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the video blogger left the country after “unknown people were breaking in the door to his parents”.

According to this friend, the video was filmed and published on YouTube a year before the adoption of the law on responsibility for insulting the feelings of believers. Statements were not filed with the police about harassment, as “they would have detained them until they found out, and there would have been a quick drop out of the location of the site because of the ducks about the announced remuneration.”

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