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The new Prime Minister of Italy described how the new government will combat illegal migrants

About half a million illegal migrants from the east will be deported. And they will also create deportation centers.

New Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini
New Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini

Recently, a new government was formed in Italy, mainly consisting of right-wing politicians. Most of them criticize the EU. The new Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini announced the government’s plans for illegal migrants.

The problem of illegal migrants is quite important for Italy. Sicily is the main point of arrival of illegal migrants from the east. But the government decided to fight them.

About half a million illegal immigrants are going to be deported. Deportation centers will be established, which will be required to visit all migrants for verification.

Matteo Salvini also said that Italy will fight with organizations that save migrants in the sea.

Prepare to pack your bags. Good times for illegal migrants ended.

Matteo Salvini
Prime Minister of Italy

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