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The fraudster from Russia spent several years luxuriously living in New York under an assumed name. She will be tried for theft

It turned out that with the help of fraud, she took loans in several banks, but did not pay for the hotels and “forgot” to return the debts.

Photo from Instagram Sorokina
Photo from Instagram Sorokina

Russian Anna Sorokina lived in New York for several years, posing as a German Anna Delvi. The girl managed to live in luxury hotels, lead a secular way of life and communicate with famous people. But in the summer of 2017 she was charged with “thefts of services” and their attempts. The story of the girl told themagazine New York Magazine.

In February 2017, Delvi for a month stayed at the 11 Howard hotel in Soho in a room worth about $ 400 per night. She met 25-year-old concierge hotel Neff Davis and often asked her about the fashion institutions of the city.

Davis said that Delvie often allowed herself to go out to the hotel lobby in a dressing gown with wine or food, spent a lot of time talking with her. The girl was sometimes rude to employees and behaved arrogantly, which irritated them, but left a generous tip. Sometimes Delvie came to Neff when she was busy, and spread large bills on the counter to attract attention. Often turning to the concierge for advice, Delvie left her hundred-dollar bills.

I told her: “Anna, there’s a line of eight people here.” But she continued to put money.

Neff Davis

During her life in New York, Delvey literally littered with money, Neff said. She gave a hundred-dollar tip to taxi drivers and never allowed the concierge to pay for meals, paying the bill. The girl bought branded clothes, went to cosmetic procedures and manicures, sometimes inviting Neff with her. Once she took her with him to a meeting with a personal trainer who worked with stars like Dakota Johnson.

The young man Neff did not understand why she spent so much time “with this abnormal girl from work.” And Anna did not understand why Neff had a boyfriend. The young man was rich and promised to help Neff, who was fond of cinematography, with funding for her first film. But Delvie told her, “Throw him. I have more money “and was ready to help with the movie. Neff did just that.

Anna Delvi talked a lot with the stars, sportsmen, heads of large companies, as if she “knew everyone”. She arranged a dinner party, which was attended by top managers, artists and celebrities, such as the actor Macaulay Culkin and Martin Shkrely.

Anna seemed popular throughout the city, and as if she knew everyone. Despite the fact that I was known throughout the nation, next to her I felt like a computer geek.

Martin Shkrely in a letter to The New York Magazine

Despite her “nomadic” way of life, Anna attended the best parties, marketing director Tommi Saleh, who met her in 2013 at the Fashion Week in Paris, said. For some time, the girl worked in the magazine Purple on fashion and art, creating the impression that she is a close friend of its editor-in-chief Olivier Zama.

She was introduced, she was cute and very polite. And then we suddenly just had fun with my friends.

She dressed great, someone even mentioned that she flies in a private airplane.

Tommy Saleh
marketing director

Another friend of Anna, collector Michael Juan, said that she once invited him to the Biennale in Venice, but asked to pay for the hotel and tickets for the plane. This seemed strange to Juan, but he agreed. After some time after the return, she seemed to have “forgotten” to return the money to him. But this amount was insignificant for the collector – “only 200 or 300 dollars,” and he did not recall it. But sometimes Anna asked friends to call her a taxi or stayed with them, promising to pay for housing, but she did not do it.

Nobody knew where Anna came from – she told me that she was from Cologne, but she did not speak German very well. Nobody also understood where she got so much money for her way of life. Some assumed that she was helped by a family living in Germany, engaged in antiques. But Saleh said that this is normal: there are always a lot of people from rich families around. “All your best friends, but you know nothing about anyone.”

In 2016, Anna wanted to open her own club, the Anna Delva Foundation, which she needed money for. Familiar girl, architect Gabriel Calatrava helped to find a suitable place on Park Avenue. The building was owned by art collector Ebi Rosen. He also owned the hotel 11 Howard, where Delvie settled.

The girl planned to do something like a club and a center for contemporary art, some advised to found a hotel there, but a project of this scale would require about 25 million dollars. She was trying to find an investor who would have added such a sum to the allegedly already existing 25 million. One of Anna’s friends advised her to turn to lawyer Joel Cohen, who investigated the fraud of Jordan Belfort, known as the “Wolf from Wall Street.” Almost everyone with whom Anna met, believed her on the floor.

One day, the son of his owner Charlie Rosen came to the hotel where Delvie stayed. In conversation with him, Neff mentioned Anna and her plans to buy a building that the father of the man also owns. But Rosen seemed to the concierge surprised, as if he had never heard of Anna or her project. He decided to find out where she was staying, and he seemed suspicious that the girl had not rented a suite. A few days Neff asked Anna why she had taken the usual number. She answered: “Did you have someone who really helps you, and you just want to thank him silently?”.

In April 2017, Anna began to have problems. One day, he and Neff went to a restaurant in Soho. They were alone, the account was 286 dollars. Anna wanted to pay for dinner, but the operation failed. Then she handed the waiter a sheet with 12 card numbers, but they did not work, Neff said. The concierge paid herself, though for her it was a big waste: “Anna has paid so often for me, and now it’s my turn.”

Some time after that the head Neff called her and told that among the data of Delvie was not listed her credit card number. Due to the fact that Delvi lived in the hotel for a long time, she was a client of the hotel owner and a valuable guest, the administration agreed to a money transfer, but he never did even after a month and a half. In total, Delhi owes about $ 30,000 to the hotel. Later, she managed to pay the bill, but she never gave the hotel her card. Then the hotel staff replaced the code on the lock of her room, and her things were placed in the storage room.

After that, Anna moved to the hotel Four Seasons, but could not pay and there because of problems with the card, and managers threatened her with police. Delvi turned to her trainer and friend, but they also could not pay, and the hotel admitted that the problem was on their side. Then, taking things from 11 Howard, Delvie lived in two other hotels, but owed them money, and the administration evicted her, confiscating things. The New York Magazine writes that by July 5 Anna was “homeless and walked the streets in a Alexander Wang sports suit”.

At some point, Anna contacted her trainer to live with her. And then the coach suspected something was amiss. Gradually she found out that Anna often left restaurants, not paying bills, and also contacted the hotels where she stayed. Later, she appointed her a meeting at the restaurant to find out why Anna did it all. After that, Delvy cried and said that after the creation of her club, “she will have enough money to pay everyone.” But it turned out that the building had already been handed over to another person.

Later, the investigation of the prosecutor’s office showed that thanks to fraud and fake accounts, Delvy was able to take several loans in different banks for about $ 200,000. It was on this money that she lived. With the help of a fake check she also managed to get a private plane.

In fact, Anna Delvi is called Anna Sorokina, she was born in 1991 in Russia, and in 2007 she moved to Germany. The girl’s father first worked as a truck driver, and then sold heaters and air conditioners. In 2011, Anna went to study in London, but then dropped out of college and moved to Paris. Parents supported it financially, but they were not as rich as the girl told. Mother and father were asked not to indicate their name, since information about the incident with the daughter had not yet reached their place of residence.

In the summer of 2017 Sorokin was arrested in Malibu and returned to New York. She was charged with six charges of major thefts and their attempts, as well as “theft of services.” Since October 2017, she awaits trial at Rikers Prison near New York. In a conversation with a correspondent of the publication, the girl never once found that she was guilty of something.

I’m sorry that everything turned out so, I did not want it. But I can not do anything about it while I’m here.

Anna Sorokina
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