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The Brit tried to sell his Facebook data on eBay, but the site deleted his ad


Because it can violate social network rules.

Photo from the announcement of Oli Frost
Photo from the announcement of Oli Frost

A resident of the UK, Oli Frost (Oli Frost) put on eBay his personal data from the account on Facebook. The starting price of the data was 0.99 pound sterling (about 81 rubles). For a few days the amount increased to 300 pounds (24.8 thousand rubles).

Frost planned to close the auction on June 3. He offered to buy:

  • All publications and stupid comments from the moment he was 16;
  • Photos since he wore a bang and listened to Billy Talent;
  • Video with the performances of his group in children’s play centers;
  • The list of his interests is like “Gluten-Free Diet”, “Jesse Weir” and “Applications for Project Management”;
  • Annual statistics of congratulations on his birthday;
  • All applications to friends that he ignored;
  • Every invitation to the party (all three of them);
  • Information about who he votes for, the name of his boss and the address of his family.

At the same time Frost did not allow “to steal his identity and open an enterprise with hard working conditions”. Received money from the sale of money the Briton wanted to transfer to the “Electronic Frontiers Fund” , which supports the privacy of users.

Frost's ad, cached
Frost’s ad, cached

However, eBay removed his ad, because it may violate Facebook’s rules. It’s stored in the Google cache.

It seemed to me that I own my personal data, but I was wrong. Write to me if you have personal suggestions. [Data] will be on a unique USB-flash drive. It is blue and it has a picture with my face.

Oli Frost
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