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“Russia-1” painted Kim Jong Ne smile on the photo with Lavrov

But why? The leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea already smiled during the meeting and this got on the pictures.

A shot from “Vesti of the Week”

The new issue of “Vesti of the Week” on “Russia 1” showed a story about a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and North Korean leader Kim Jong-no. While Dmitry Kiselyov told the details ( section 1:14:40 ), behind him appeared a photo: on it the head of North Korea smiles, shaking hands with Lavrov. However, on the original photo, published by the Foreign Ministry on May 31, there is no smile on the face of the North Korean leader.

In the images coincides with the facial expressions of Lavrov, as well as the position of the opponents’ hands, the camera angle and the background. On the discrepancy drew attention to the public “Lentach”.

Photo MFA of Russia

From the meeting, Kim Jong-un and Lavrov have several photos , including a smile from the leader of the DPRK. For example, when opponents only meet in the corridor or when handshake after the talks – both are happy.

This is confirmed by the video of the meeting: Lavrov and Kim Jong-un greet each other with handshakes and smiles, but posing for journalists, only the Minister of Foreign Affairs is happy. For what purposes the editors of “Vesti of the Week” changed the photo in the story – it is unknown.

A shot from the meeting between Lavrov and Kim Jong-un
A shot from the meeting between Lavrov and Kim Jong-un
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