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NYT: Facebook transferred personal data to 60 smartphone manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung

In the social network said that the information of users and photos did not go beyond the devices of customers.

According to The New York Times, Facebook for 10 years passed personal data of users to at least 60 smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Sotsset increased audience coverage by embedding its own functions through the API, like the “I like” button and fast messaging.

Reporters found that Facebook has opened smartphone manufacturers access to personal information of customers and, moreover, to the data of their friends. Including, information about political views, religious preferences, the status of relations and other. This happened even if users prohibited the exchange of data in the privacy settings.

This is similar to how you set the door locks, after which you learn that the locksmith gave out the keys to all of his friends so that they can go in and rummage through your things without permission. 

Ashkan Soltani
former chief technology officer of the Federal Trade Commission

If the information on this is confirmed, it turns out that the company violated the rules of the Federal Trade Commission, according to which it should always ask users for permission to use the data.

In April, the company promised to close access to its API, but, according to NYT, this did not affect many of the partner companies. Representatives of Facebook said that the exchange of data through the APIs took place according to confidentiality rules – the companies transferred only the information that the client agrees to share. The company noted that the partners stored the information of users on their servers, but no cases of abuse were recorded.

Partner companies could not use Facebook functions on users’ devices without their consent. Contrary to the claims of The New York Times, friends’ information, including photos, is only available on devices whose owners have agreed to share this information.

Having Archibong (Ime Archibong)
Facebook Vice President for Product Partnerships

New accusations of Facebook’s privacy violation came amid a similar scandal: in early 2018 it was revealed that the company had transferred access to data to 50 million people for Cambridge Analytica. Mark Zuckerberg admitted amistake, but the FBI and the Justice Ministry began an investigation, and the head of the social network was summoned to Congress for testimony.

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