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Mass media: Chinese bloggers with subscribed subscribers have been brought to the Russian launch of Tax Free


Records on pages with millions of audiences barely typed several dozen likes.

TSUM management invited Chinese bloggers and Internet celebrities to their fashion show “TSUM Fashion Show” and the Russian launch of the Tax Free system. However, at least four of the invited bloggers had a suspicious reputation, the Internet publication on China Magazeta reported .

For example, among the invited stars was a girl named Zuo Anxiao (Zuo Anxiao) – living in Los Angeles model and actress. In her filmography on the service Douban there is only one Internet comedy.

Zuo Anxiao. Photos of Tatler
Zuo Anxiao. Photos of Tatler

Zuo’s page in the Chinese service Weibo began actively recruiting subscribers in 2010. According to “Magazeta”, she received an audience of 3 million subscribers thanks to the photos of “Hermes’s own collection of bags”. After that, local users suspected Zuo of using bots to wrap up the likes and distribute snapshots.

For eight years, the number of Zuo subscribers has increased to 3.7 million, and her most popular record for May gathered about 3.8 thousand likes. For comparison, the number of likes on the most popular record of another Chinese beauty blogger “Teacher Xu” was about 28 thousand with an audience of 2.1 million subscribers. The average number of likes at the same time was 200 in Zuo against about 4-5 thousand in Xu.

gathered a repost record of the “TSUM Fashion Show” on the page of Zuo Anxiao. The remaining entries from Moscow collectively collected less than 300 likes

According to the journalistic channel “Ruclub” in the WeChat messenger, the organizers of the visit of three more Chinese bloggers reported on the coverage of publications in 50,000 views. The same information was confirmed by unnamed sources of Magazet.

The publication noted that the pages of most of their subscribers resemble “wrapped fake accounts”, and the number of likes only exceeds a few dozen with a total audience of more than 720 thousand people.

An example of a recording of one of the Chinese bloggers about a visit to the Central Department Store. The original of "Magazet"
An example of a recording of one of the Chinese bloggers about a visit to the Central Department Store. The original of “Magazet”

Representatives of the press service of the Central Department Store declined to comment on the information about invited bloggers in a conversation with “Magazet”. also appealed to representatives of the Moscow trading house for explanations.

Tax Free system earned in Russia in early April. The mechanism of VAT compensation for foreign buyers was launched in a test mode in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk, and later they should be extended to all cities of Russia. Payment of compensation will cost the federal budget 150-200 million rubles a year.

Last updated at 16:22 : In a conversation with , the press service of the Central Department Store said that they did not invite Chinese bloggers to launch Tax Free in Russia. They added that the photos shown in the screenshots of the “Magazets” were taken at other events – not in Moscow, but in Beijing.

TSUM representatives confirmed that they are working with Zuo Anxiao in a narrow segment of luxury goods, and did not expect a mass response to her posts. They noted that they did not present it to Russian journalists as a “Chinese blogger No. 1”. According to them, TSUM will continue to work with bloggers through specialized PR-agencies.

TSUM representatives suggested that the publication of Magazet can be a hidden advertisement, since it contains several links to PR agencies working with bloggers. They added that the publication did not apply for a comment, contrary to the statement of its authors.

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